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The best way to describe the flavor of wild strawberries is to show someone where they are found. Let Avatar show you where to find your self.


In 1987, an educational psychologist named Harry Palmer outlined an intriguing series of mental procedures. When correctly applied, these procedures unraveled many of the more profound mysteries of human consciousness. As the procedures evolved, they literally became a passport to the secrets of the universe.

Palmer's work was one of those rare evolutionary keys that quite unexpectedly unlocked a whole new realm of conscious landscape. For the first time, a clear interrelation between the operation of human awareness and the technologies of man could be demonstrated. Subjects as dissimilar as religion and physics suddenly found themselves sharing common ground. Concepts such as universal mind, mass consciousness and extrasensory awareness moved from being dim and speculative to being tangibly experiential.

True to prediction, Avatar rippled through the collective planetary consciousness. The Avatar materials have now been translated into 15 languages, and a 50,000+ member network of Avatar graduates has spread across 60 countries.

Today, 4500 Avatar Masters have been licensed by Star's Edge International®, with headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA.

What is Avatar?
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